Chase the Light Wellness empowerS YOU to create Your own happiness and live an authentic, fulfilled, and BRIGHT life.


Grounded in the belief that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything, I use both physical movement and personal inquiry as tools to help you see what's possible when drop what you know, change your expectations, and get out of your own way — what you uncover and achieve during the process might surprise you. 


wellness coaching

Through coaching, you'll determine how you want wellness — physical health, your career, stress management, relationships — to feel in your life. We'll work together to bridge the gaps between where you are right now and where you want to go.



I offer group workshops on creating balance, establishing sustainable wellness systems, and mindful leadership — working with others to promote growth also helps you connect empathetically and build your own supportive community


yoga & fitness

One of the best ways to learn about yourself is to discover and challenge your physical edge. Roll out your mat, hop on a bike, or hang upside down in a hammock with me — we'll team up to work hard, sweat, and grow together.

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phone: 814-753-1602

meet jenn bauer

I'm a wellness coach, instructor, and educator. I empower people to create their own happiness, and I live authentically in my own.

my philosophy

Through my work, I help others find their own path to wellness and fulfillment. It is my core belief that mindfulness and physical movement — yoga, pilates, cycling, walking, running, lifting weights, or even just breathing — are powerful tools to help us discover who we are and who we want to be out in the world.

My first love is yoga — it inspired me to start my journey of working with others, and it informs everything else that I do. I think of the mat as a research facility where we can observe ourselves, our habits, our impulses, the voices that shout "You've got this!" or the ones the creep in and whisper "Give up." I offer this experience by giving you the space to see what's happening in your mind and body as you challenge yourself — whether it's during a sweaty yoga class or in a powerful coaching session. Once you are comfortable recognizing emotions, feelings, and roadblocks in one area, you can begin to see how they show up in the rest of your life and do the work to move them out of the way.

The moon has always inspired me — it's loosely incorporated into my business theme, and I have a lunar cycle tattoo as a reminder that change is always an option and that nothing is permanent. The moon doesn't give off it's own light; in order for us to see it, something else has to shine. As a coach and instructor, that's my role — I encourage you to chase your own light and shine brightly so that others around you can be inspired by your glow. 


— Associate Certified Wellness Coach via Coach Training EDU
— Yoga Alliance 200 RYT via Satya Yoga and Wellness
— Air Flow Yoga via PYP Studio
— Pilates Mat 1 via PHI Pilates
— Pilates Reformer 1 via PHI Pilates
— Spinning®

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I keep a running log of my daily life, which mostly consists of food, my husband's garden, and #tbt pics of vacations past.