Saturn's Return.

I'm going to come right out and say it: One of my (not-so) guilty pleasures is astrology. When studying yoga, I felt right at home with some of it's more "woo-woo science" aspects, such as energetic fields, crystals, third-eye meditations, and the like. Astrology, to me, fits right in alongside our chakras and subtle energy systems as just another way to understand ourselves and our place within this crazy, vast universe.

Personally, this December marks the beginning of a serious time in my life, as Saturn finishes it's 29.5 year journey across the sky and returns to it's happy home in Capricorn, where it was when I was born. Astrologists call this Saturn Return the "age of astrological maturity," and a time when shit gets really serious... this just happens to coincide with the final 6 months before I turn 30, which also feels really daunting and important all on its own.

Saturn is thought of as the "great taskmaster," laying out the plan and keeping you on track and motivated in your goals and ambitions. It is said to rule our careers, achievements, and legacies. So the sign and house it's in when you're born can be a big indicator of how you'll fit into the field you choose to pursue. When Saturn returns to that place in the sky, it forces us to confront what's keeping us from finding success and fulfillment, career-wise, and what's holding us back emotionally. The sign and house give us clues as to how we'll approach this return and how to work through it to come out as a mature, balanced adult.

As I'm constantly searching for meaning in my own life and signs that something understands me, my Saturn placement is SUPER interesting. I was born with Saturn under Capricorn in my first house. Capricorn is the ambitious rule-maker and rule-follower of the skies, and it's deeply focused on the end result. I spent my first 29 years of life working toward an end that I couldn't see, but I knew it needed to be important, big, and most of all, correct. And Saturn in the first house is also a place of impulsiveness and short attention spans. I'm always quick to make my decisions, and I want to do a million things at once — and I want to do them WELL, but I have a hard time not jumping straight to the final product and being upset when it doesn't turn out. THANKS, SATURN. (Also a big shoutout to Gemini, my sun sign, which always makes sure that I'm at odds with my own emotions and in 2 head spaces at once.)

So I guess what this return means for me is that I'll be confronting the issues that held me back — impetuous decision-making, having too many things in the air without a solid plan, being stubborn in my approach and obsession with correctness — and finding a new path forward on my own, more even-keeled terms. This feels like a good, big sign. I'm about to start something new, and I vow to use those lessons from Daddy Saturn and do it thoughtfully... and the right way, because, well, old habits die hard.

If you want to learn about your own astrological history, you can track down a free birth chart with a few data points: your birthdate, specific time of birth, and birth location. My favorite places to get more information are the AstroTwins on Astrostyle and through Heidi Rose Robbins, who is an astrologer based in LA. She has a podcast called The Radiant Life Project, and a few of her first episodes are dedicated to understanding the basics of astrology and what the sun, moon, and rising signs mean. (Heidi also does short and long readings — I recently had a snapshot done and felt SO validated in my life that I burst into tears. Life-changing stuff, friends.)

Assuming you find this as fascinating as I do, let's talk about it! Tell me your sign, send me your birth chart. We can obsess over our planetary and cosmic rulers and figure out what to do with ourselves as 2018 approaches!

Stay well, friends!