10 minutes for a stronger core

It's the first #WorkoutWednesday (are hashtags even a thing on blogs?) of 2018, and I'm bringing you a 10 minute ab workout to help you build a stronger core. Core strength is such an important part of fitness and wellness — it helps us in nearly every type of workout from running to cycling to lifting weights, it can alleviate back tension and pain, and it helps maintain our posture.

This workout consists of 10 of my favorite moves for a quick burn. You'll perform each move for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds before moving on to the next. The video gives you modifications for some of the more challenging exercises. Meet yourself where you are — it's okay to take a break for a breath or two and jump back in when you've regrouped. Learn to rest, not to quit!

10 Minute Abs Workout

Let me know how you did and what other kinds of workouts you'd like to see!

And stay tuned for an update about my resolutions... I like to give myself a few days to figure them out. :)

Happy 2018!