Happy fall, friends. While I always insist that I could live in an everlasting summer (hello, Southern California), I am feeling ready for cooler temperatures and changing leaves this year. That special crispness that comes with October always makes me feel more comfortable in my skin, closer to the people in my life, and ready to recharge after the chaos of summer.

I’ve given myself some monthly challenges as part of my #dothework resolution for 2018, and October is reserved for reconnecting to my writing. It’s no secret that I’ve fallen off the journal wagon — you haven’t seen a post on here in many weeks. I’ve haven’t had a loss for words, just a loss for getting them out of my head… which has left me feeling really over-stimulated and weary. So, in an effort to lighten my spirit, I’m committing to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) every day this month. Sometimes it will be here, sometimes it will be private, and sometimes it will be a short little blurb on Instagram… but it will be my words setting out into the universe.

And speaking of The Universe, I’m here right now to talk about some big synchronicity. Synchronicity is “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection” — basically weird, mystic coincidence that totally feeds my soul. I LIVE for coincidences. Let me share a sampling of the more notable instances of this over the past few weeks.

Last Sunday morning, I say out loud to Brian while he’s making breakfast: “I have a weird craving to watch the original Great Gatsby, like with Robert Redford. He was so good, and it’s such a magical movie.” Cut to 5 hours later, I’m scrolling up into the wee channels for no real reason and THE GREAT GATSBY IS ON TV. You best believe I watched the whole thing. And was also reminded that the ending is different than the book, and I had to get off my high horse and chill out about it.

Two weeks ago I felt like I needed a literal kick in the ass and started researching kickboxing classes, like where you actually get to punch a bag or a partner with pads. I remembered how much I enjoyed it when I had a personal trainer in Philly. A day later we were at a birthday dinner with a few people I didn’t know, and the one girl was talking about her kickboxing class. I honestly almost jumped across the table and accosted her and was probably way too enthusiastic, but then she pulled out her phone and started showing me competition videos so really, everyone was excited. It’s going to be my new focus in January.

There’s some career moves I’ve been considering for the past year since I transitioned into wellness full-time, and a former colleague who has that job now reached about getting connected and working together on the day I found an applicable job posting online and decided to apply. I MEAN. (This one is really the biggest, but it’s also the one that I can’t really share much more about right now, so stay tuned.)

Countless instances of “man, this song is in my head” and then later that day I’m in a store and it’s playing… most notably “No Rain” by Blind Melon that came on in an Eat ‘N Park in Pittsburgh one hour after I started humming it.

Many dreams about my teeth falling out, which indicates financial stress, and reading my October horoscope revealing a quarter moon in Cancer, my second house of finances. It was basically a how-to on getting myself feeling grounded again about money.

That last one is less of a coincidence and more of a “of course,” but you get the idea. These are all small moments, but I take them together as nods from the universe that I have to keep trusting in myself. I’m not getting everything I ask for, but I creating the energy, and things are aligning to answer my questions. It’s not luck — it’s the effect of doing the work, focusing my energy on what feels important, and seeing what unfolds when I relax into being instead of pushing through the doing.

So I turn it to you: What are you asking for in life, and what’s showing up? Where can you increase your vibes and trust without forcing your way through? And do you have any crazy synchronicity moments to share?! I want to hear ‘em!

UPDATE: Tuesday morning I turned on my podcast app to listen to this week’s This American Life — it’s a re-run of a story entirely about coincidences. (blink blink blink) Thanks, Universe.