Air Fit Flow.

Though it's still very, very much winter outside (side eye to you, snow), I have a new "spring" teaching schedule. I've mixed up the days and times of a few of my classes, but what I'm most excited about is my new "PYP AIR FIT FLOW" class on Friday mornings.

If you'll recall, I completed my Air Flow certification in July, and I've been teaching a level 2 aerial class for the fall and winter. My class started to take on a "Power Yoga" type of style, with a lot of lunges, static holds, and core work. I was feeling a little stuck in the creativity department and limited by this idea of it needing to still be "YOGA" at it's core.

I've been developing this hybrid yoga/pilates/TRX-ish class that uses the hammock more as a tool to help build the strength necessary to do some of the fun, flippy moves you see on YouTube. The class will really focus on firing up the core, working the stabilizer muscles in the legs and hips, and building upper body strength. 

Can't quite picture it? Good. I have a video.

The fine print: My hammock hangs in my unfinished basement, flanked by other workout equipment and a table full of crap that we just aren't sure we can live without but don't really want in our living space. I originally filmed this to see how it looked (no mirror in the basement) and judge the quality of the moves... which is to say that I didn't change out of my lounge-y leggings and oversized "Literally Dead" sweatshirt (DIY-ed for Halloween 2 years ago) — but I did shower and brush my hair today. I hesitated to post it online for all of the un-glamorous reasons, but then I thought: This is me. This is the real me. If I want to combat the "Instagram effect" of everything being perfect online, I've gotta start with myself.

So, enjoy this VERY SPED UP video of my practice session. If it looks like fun (or at least not like torture), come try it out: Friday mornings (starting TOMORROW!!) at 7:45am at PYP Studio.