Everything in reverse.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that back in December I posted about getting a tarot card reading from a wonderful woman named Cole for her new podcast, Life, Death & Tarot.



I have all sorts of feelings about listening to my own voice (don't we all?) and moreover, listening to myself talk about my life before I began this self-discovery journey. Am I going to sound so immature and silly? Will I say things that don't feel in line with who I am today? Of course. But that's the point. So much has happened in the past 3.5 months since that interview, and I believe that the reading helped me get to where I am... which is much closer to where I want to be than I was in December.

I tried to listen to this as if it weren't me speaking, but as a third party instead of through the judgmental lens of myself. Things that stood out to me NOW:

  2. Of course all my shit came up as reverse. Nothing is ever straight forward.
  3. That "shift" that Cole mentioned was about to happen from me being totally in control to the need to surrender to the bigger picture coming into view happened. Hello: This is it.
  4. The 7 of Swords in the past is still such a symbol to me: running away, but keeping 2 swords "as a camp nearby." This is something I'm currently working through, stay tuned.
  5. The general theme of giving something up to move forward: Yes.
  6. I FINALLY GOT TO EXPLAIN MY INSTAGRAM HANDLE TO THE WORLD. (Listen to the song. And if you don't get the pun, I can't really help you.)
  7. DREAM BIG DREAMS BUT GO DEEPER. Through the 40-Day program, I noticed my tendency to "check the box," to answer the questions but not really answer the questions, ya know? I kept this note of advice in my head and was able to get out of that habit and really do the actual work. 

That last serious point really illustrates my feelings on tarot and, similarly, astrology: They both provide a starting point for looking at your life in a different way. While astrology, to me, feels more like a way to help you understand who you are at your core being, tarot feels like a way to help you see what you may not have noticed, something that the Universe wants to tell you, but more often, just something that you need to tell yourself. They're little nudges forward, saying "Here's this thing we're offering you, does it make sense? What do you feel about it? What can you do about it?" 

(On another podcast, a woman described divination as a metaphor for your life, and that made so much sense. It's not like the 5 of Cups is hanging out next to me, but what it represents lets me face or acknowledge things in my life in a different way.) (Also, I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter #5 for the billionth time, so the word Divination is important in all sorts of ways right now.)

All of this is to say: Give it a listen! And if you like the podcast, subscribe and listen to her other episodes. Cole is a thanatologist who talks about her work with death and dying in a refreshingly beautiful way. I'm proud to support other women who are doing their own thing on their own terms and making the lives they want to live, and Cole is one who does it with style to boot.

If you want to try out a little tarot in your life, I've been working a bit with my own deck. Shoot me a message, and we can explore it together!