Wear sunscreen.

Or wrap yourself in a towel. Photo credit: Adam Zolyak  @tinkurlab

Or wrap yourself in a towel. Photo credit: Adam Zolyak @tinkurlab

Last week was my family’s much-awaited trip to Myrtle Beach, and I shockingly didn’t have great cell phone service OR wifi, which I saw as a sign to take an actual break from the Internet for a few days. It was blissful to be far away from the pings of emails and social media notifications, but it also left me totally bombarded upon return. (We also ended the vacation with the wedding of my husband’s best friend, which sort of shocked the beach vibes out of the system — and left us with some sleep deprivation.)

On top of the fact that we had to leave summer behind for rainy Pennsylvania, I’m also in the midst of a serious allergy attack/cold that’s making even simple tasks like folding laundry a real struggle… which is all an excuse for what’s about to happen with this post.

I never want to be a person who shills products, but all I’m capable of doing right now is telling you about this really fantastic facial sunscreen I bought before we left for the beach before I collapse back into bed and sleep hugging my tissue box.

I KNOW. But seriously, you need to know about this.

A few notes for context:

  1. I hate the feeling of sunscreen.
  2. I have sensitive skin that, while blessedly acne-free, prefers a really simple regimen and doesn’t like when I change products or use cheap things. It’s consistent, if not high maintenance.
  3. I don’t burn easily, but I do get really dry, peel-y skin on my face after being in the sun.
  4. I spend most of my time at the beach acting like a lizard, both enjoying the straight sunshine but also sweating my brains out.
  5. Sometimes I go in the ocean.

Given those facts, I have never found a face sunscreen that I feel like hits all of the important points. They’re usually too greasy or cause my pores to panic. I’ve used tinted moisturizer containing SPF, but that’s never waterproof and doesn’t hold up against the hairline sweat or the never surprising but always unanticipated moment when Brian throws me into the ocean against my will as I scream "AUTONOMY!" like a real millennial woman.

Enter: Supergoop! Sun-Defying Oil Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Supergoop Sunscreen Oil

I am my best self as a tan person. I look healthier with a subtle glow. I like the freckles that pop on my nose and cheeks. I don’t even wear concealer in the summer because the tan blends in with my dark circles. This sunscreen gave me JUST ENOUGH of a tan without burning and came in a travel size container that I could squeeze into my quart-sized carry-on toiletries bag without sacrificing one of my 6 other face products (again, pleasant but high maintenance… like a very picky princess).

I’ve used their Daily Correct CC Cream in the past and currently wear the Skin-Soothing Mineral Sunscreen daily. But for the beach, I wanted something that could hold up to sweat and swimming, and the oil is water resistant up to 80 minutes.

This oil goes on like a dream – the bottle has a little spray nozzle so you can either spritz directly onto your skin or into your hands and rub on. If I had bought the larger bottle and used it on my whole body, I would have gone with the direct spray route. As to not douse my hair in oil, I opted to use my hands for facial application. But the spray bottle was an awesome bonus when my hands were sandy after beach-lounging, and I no longer worried about the whole hair thing.

As I’m a little vain, I like to wear waterproof mascara at all times, and this oil didn’t interfere with that AT ALL. I put it on first, let it dry, and then applied mascara as usual – no flaking, no smudging, no run-off after swimming.

The real test was the day we rented a pontoon boat and cruised down the Intercoastal Waterway, which meant direct sunlight and a lot of wind, which would ordinarily dry out my face. This oil kept it moisturized and protected from both sun and windburn – a truly amazing feat, which allowed me to focus not on my face but on choosing which gorgeous house along the water that I was going to try to buy/steal off the current owners.

(That's my mom's foot/leg and half of my dad's body –hi, parents!)

If you’re in the market for a face sunscreen or just like to try new things (me, me, me), this one should be at the top of your list. It’s a product I can fully stand behind, both for its effectiveness and for the mission of the brand itself: Supergoop! uses the best sun protection science, includes only safe ingredients, and supports sun care education in schools to help reduce the risk of skin cancer at an early age. It’s a feel-good product that also really works.

I WISH I was cool enough to have a sweet coupon code for you, but I’m just a regular person telling you about something I love. Support the company and buy it off their website.

I’ll be back next week with something inspiring and insightful, I’m sure. But for now, I’m staying away from the open windows, pollen, grass, and trees. And I leave you with this great relic from 1999.

Stay well, friends, and wear sunscreen.