#TarotTuesday: April 2, 2019


I first got into Tarot early last year when I was looking for some guidance about my future, and I was interviewed/had a reading on the Life, Death, and Tarot podcast — listen to my episode here! After that positive experience, I bought myself a deck that was beautiful and felt connected to me somehow, but I didn’t really know how to incorporate using it into my life. Fast-forward to February, when I decided to start pulling a Tarot card before my personal yoga and meditation practices as a source of inspiration. That proved to be a powerful choice — the cards I pulled for the past 2 months have given me a lot to think about, reflect on, and work with as I move about my life.

My recent cards have pointed me toward action and sharing, and I’m choosing to listen. #TarotTuesday is my way of giving you those gifts, too. 

Each week for the month of April, I’ll pull a card from the Fountain Tarot deck with the intention to understand what messages are important for us the week ahead. You’ll receive an email (like this one) with the card pulled and my own insights, and I’ll encourage you to reflect on how the card connects with you — feel free to share your thoughts on my Instagram, where I’ll also post the card and my interpretation.

I believe that Tarot cards can serve us as a window or a mirror, giving us the opportunity to see something we might not have thought of on our own. I choose to view this kind of “divinity,” along with things like astrology, as an "analogy offering" that we can choose to apply to our current situations. Just like when you’re looking to buy a car and see that make and model everywhere (suggestion is powerful), we often already know what we need to hear and are able to quickly pick it out when someone else presents it to us. It’s a way to hone our intuition, and it gives us permission (and an excuse) to use it to create change.

April 2: The Tower


The Tower card is one of 22 "Major Arcana" cards in the Tarot deck, which follow the Fool's journey to enlightenment. These cards speak to the larger themes of our lives, and they often indicate that something larger than ourselves is at play. When we get a Major Arcana card, I like to think of it as the Universe shouting to be heard — it's best to pay attention.

And here's what I love about Tarot reading: It's totally open to YOUR interpretation! But there is significance in the cards (more on that in an upcoming blog post); and there are inherent meanings passed down in the history of the cards. The Fountain Tarot deck comes with its own explanatory booklet, and I'll also be using the Biddy Tarot guide to inform my interpretation.

If you know anything about Tarot, you likely have heard that the Tower card is basically the worst. It's literally a flaming tower that's falling to the ground. In the Rider-Waite Tarot, which this Fountain Tarot deck is based off of, the image also includes people jumping from the fiery tower, presumably to their deaths.

So, good start, eh?

The Fountain deck describes the The Tower card as "The Inessential Destroyed," which totally changes the meaning for me. It's not about our life falling down around us, but a burning off of what isn't important anymore. This card calls us to drop what we don't need — all the shit we drag along that isn't ours, those "mountains we were meant to climb" but carry with us instead. It reminds us that the towers we build in our lives, full of our beliefs, ideologies, perceptions, judgements, doubts, and fears can grow too big and heavy to support their own weight. Wholesale change, the kind that shifts our very foundation, is scary, yes, but it's also necessary for us to grow.

For me, this comes at a time when I've been working a lot with detachment -- from expectations, from certainty, from outcome. The card just feels like another nod that yes, this is the way forward, and that something big is on the horizon that will require me to confront detachment in a serious way.

So here's what I'll ask of you this week: Where in your life have your beliefs become cumbersome? What are you holding onto that isn't serving you anymore? Where might a shake-up, though painful, be necessary? 

Reply with your thoughts or share them on this week's #TarotTuesday Instagram post. I'd love to know what connects for you!