#TarotTuesday: April 23, 2019


Each week for the month of April, I’ll pull a card from the Fountain Tarot deck with the intention to understand what messages are important for us the week ahead. I’ll encourage you to reflect on how the card connects with you — feel free to share your thoughts on my Instagram, where I’ll also post the card and my interpretation. For more background info on Tarot and how I read cards, check out this previous post: a bit about Tarot.

April 23: The Page of Wands


The Universe decided to stop yelling so loudly at us this week. After 3 straight weeks of Major Arcana (or “larger secret”) cards, we’ve finally got one of the suits with the Page of Wands.

In the Minor Arcana chronology, Page cards follow the Ten card and precede the Knight — they’re kind of like the teenage years, not fully formed, but well on their path. They can often indicate immaturity, naivety, or innocence. Wands represent fire and action; they’re connected to our primal energy, personalities, and ego. They offer us action, movement, and a way forward.

The Page of Wands, specifically, deals in inspiration. She’s enthusiastic, spirited, youthful, and maybe a little dramatic. She represents a beginning of a period of creativity, new discovery, and spring-like rejuvenation. What a timely card — from my window, I can see a brightly blooming rhododendron bush and a budding cherry tree, neither of which had flowers last week. Seems that nature and our Tarot cards are aligned: It’s time to burst forward with a shock of color and beauty.

But with all this joy and excitement, there’s also a shadow. Perhaps all of that “dramatic enthusiasm,” as described by the Fountain Tarot, is a bit of a mask — the Page is hoping you won’t look past it and see her self-consciousness or instability. She’s harnessing all of her youthful power and optimism, trusting that the “good vibes” she’s riding now won’t peter out before she gets where she wants to go.

What I love about the Fountain Tarot deck is the imagery. This card looks so, so joyous. The girl appears to be dancing amidst rays of light, waving her wand, ready to transform what’s around her with her radiance, even if she can’t really see it all just yet. I’m reminded so much of my younger self. I was always brimming with ideas, writing the first chapter of epic stories, diving into new creative hobbies, full of passion and excitement for the possibility that these interests and ideas would lead me somewhere magical — and they did! Living in that edge of inspiration was a source of magic in its own right. I still carry this excitement around with me, always reading, learning, and day-dreaming about what I want to create next. I always feel a bit charmed by possibility, as I imagine this Page does, too.

Here’s my inquiry for you this week: What can you bring a sense of fresh joy and enthusiasm to in your life right now? Where could you benefit from a new perspective, jolt of creativity, and optimism? How can you use the budding spring energy to add some spark to your actions?

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