#TarotTuesday: April 9, 2019


Each week for the month of April, I’ll pull a card from the Fountain Tarot deck with the intention to understand what messages are important for us the week ahead. I’ll encourage you to reflect on how the card connects with you — feel free to share your thoughts on my Instagram, where I’ll also post the card and my interpretation. For more background info on Tarot and how I read cards, check out this previous post: a bit about Tarot.

April 9: The Sun


Like last week’s Tower card, the Sun is one of 22 "Major Arcana" cards in the Tarot deck, which follow the Fool's journey to enlightenment. These cards speak to the greater secrets of our lives and can indicate something big or significant. Two in a row… I’ll take it as a nod from the Universe that this weekly reading on the blog as a solid choice!

According to the booklet of meanings that came with this deck, the Sun is Absolute Joy. It represents the joy that comes with nearing the end of a journey and “invites you to know yourself and the world newly… to embrace the clarity felt deep within your gut.” The image is of a sun shining down and a child or baby hanging from a sunbeam with apparent joy on his or her face.

The Sun delivers light from the sky down onto the Earth, and you’re standing bathed in the heavenly with your feet in the worldly. To feel the sunshine is to feel radiant, successful, and abundant, to feel warm and confident. I think of one of my favorite quotes, which I received in a fortune cookie more than a decade ago and still carry in my wallet: "To be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." The Sun is joy and love.

After the bit of destruction of last week’s card, the Sun is a welcome light. Those two cards together can represent you using that transformation or dismantling of beliefs to bring positive energy and change.

In my own life, this feels like a direct embodiment of how I felt after this weekend. I’m mentoring some yoga teachers-in-training (through Satya Yoga, with my mentor and friend, Soña), and our weekend intensives are always, well, intense — in a magical and magnificent way. This weekend was no exception; it is such a gift to get to witness their own transformations and growth as yoga teachers and human beings. I’m reminded of a pose that was introduced this weekend, “Heaven Rushing In.” Many students reflected on the joy, calm, and connection that pose brought into their practice. I love so much about it — physically, it just feels good in my body, since I spend a lot of my non-moving work time hunched over my computer or tablet. Energetically, it’s profound. I can feel heat pouring down, as if all the times I’ve ever been out in the beautiful sunshine (especially at the beach) are stacking up inside of my body to bring me peace and joy. I also love the juxtaposition of the word “rushing” in a yoga practice. My own practice is often very deliberate, intentional, and anything but rushed — there’s almost a desperation to the pose itself, as if the warmth and goodness of the Universe just can’t wait to offer itself into my experience.

Here’s your own inquiry for the week: What can you celebrate and bask in the glow of this week? What might this card shine light on — perhaps something simple got lost in the darkness of winter, but has really been there all the time? Where can you shine brighter and spread love and light to others?

Reply with your thoughts or share them on this week's #TarotTuesday Instagram post. I'd love to know what connects for you!