#TarotTuesday Remix: June 18, 2019


I enjoyed collaborating with my friend James on last week’s post so much, and I have another friend-inspired update for this week’s pull. #TarotTuesday is getting a little creative injection thanks to some sweet new decks I’ve received. They aren’t Tarot decks, per se, but Oracle decks, meant to offer a different type of reading. I’m wrapping up these 3 months of #TarotTuesday with a card pull from each deck.


Today, I looked to The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck gifted to me by my BFF for my birthday. The cards depict 63 animals, broken up into the 5 elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether. There’s also spirit cards, connected to the 7 chakras. They’re gorgeously illustrated and offer a different thread of self-inquiry. Read on for today’s card. 

I asked the Universe what I needed to be reminded of this week, and it delivered: The Zebra. According to the deck’s guidebook, the Zebra is a Fire Element card, and it calls forth the qualities of eccentricity, creativity, and vision. Powerful reminders, eh, Universe?

These cards are indicative of personalities, and they can represent a person in your life, someone you’ll meet, or a part of yourself. Given that I asked about myself this week, I’m choosing to see this card as a means to reconnect with my artistic, curious side.

I intended for summer to be a time of real creation. I had dreams of starting on some new artistic endeavors — new workshops, a full lesson plan for the fall semester, maybe a podcast or videos, definitely more writing... “summer” started at the beginning of May, and while I’ve purchased a lot of books for research and talked all about my plans, I haven’t actually put anything into any sort of tangible form.


There’s a whole host of excuses as to why, which involve traveling and tiredness and not feeling focused enough. This card doesn’t exactly say to get down to brass tacks and put pen to paper, but it’s encouraging me to open back up to the excitement of new ideas and possibility, instead of letting myself feel really bogged down by what’s whizzing around my brain.

The Fire Element is associated with activity, movement, driving out darkness, and increasing our vital life-force. It’s not quite the grounding Earth element I think I really need to balance this out, but it’s the perfect start to get me out of my head and moving.

These Animal Spirit cards suggest how we might feel if this spirit within us is within or out of balance. To bring this back into balance, it recommends “an epic adventure” or art. While I’ve just returned from a few weeks of “adventuring” and don’t have plans to leave again any time soon, I am going to choose to create my own epic adventure out of everyday things... like re-organizing my closet and bathroom or finishing up some outdoor projects Brian and I have been working on.

As for the “art” portion, I’ll be finishing up these #TarotTuesday posts next week, and my plan is to get back to writing. Turns out, I have a lot to say.

So now, you: Is this Zebra calling to mind the enthusiastic, spirited side of yourself, or does it connect with someone else in your life with whom you could spend more time, collaborate, or send some love? How can you make your creativity contagious? What “epic adventures” can you set up for yourself to inspire more energy and spark?

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