#TarotTuesday Remix: June 25, 2019


This is the final #TarotTuesday post for a while, rounding out 3 months of this dedicated practice. I’ve learned a lot from tapping into my intuition and digging into some deeper inquiries. The cards often applied so directly to a situation, emotion, or theme — sometimes, like our card today, it felt a little too on the nose. But that’s what I love about a card pulling ritual: It forced me to look at myself and my life in an intentional way, giving me the space to work through whatever was in my way.

To finish up, this week I’m straying a bit from Tarot specifically with a card from another oracle deck I’ve received. This deck, the Kuan Yin Oracle, was given to me by some of the wonderful yogis I helped mentor this past year. The deck is gorgeously illustrated and calls on the Buddhist tradition, where Kuan Yin (sometime spelled Guan Yim) is the Divine Mother of compassion, kindness, and love. Each of the cards in the deck depicts a different aspect of Kuan Yin’s guidance. These cards a little more prescriptive than the Tarot decks and even the Animal Spirit cards I used last week; they offer direct guidance and profound inquiries for bringing peace and restoring balance.


As we have officially moved out of Gemini season (goodbye, spirit Twin!) into Cancer, astrologically, we’re out of the kinetic and cerebral energy and into our feeling and emotional selves. I’ve definitely been feeling this shift.

To help manage the emotional waves that we might be surfing, I chose a card with the intention of asking “What will help guide us through our own emotions?”

Kuan Yin answered with this: Nectar of the Lotus. Right away, I imagine drinking sweet liquid from a beautiful flower to feel nourished and replenished. This, it turns out, is pretty much what the card suggests.

If we’re currently feeling limited, overwhelmed, or depleted, this card can serve as a sign that our “mind and emotional life could use some help shifting fro scarcity consciousness into a consciousness of abundance... It is wise to receive divine nectar, to allow ourselves to become replenished and supported, honoring the guidance that is hiding in the limitation we are encountering. Then it will have served its purpose, and the limit can fall away.”

Woof. This theme has been so present in my life over the past few months. Working a gig lifestyle has its perks, for sure, but a big drawback is a constant feeling of falling behind. The hustle is very, very real, and very, very hard. Lately, social media feels like a never-ending barrage of commercials and ads, especially in the wellness space. Everyone is promising better health, better relationships, better everything if I just add this one thing (and that one, and oh, that one over there, too) to my life. When I get overwhelmed, my immediate reaction is to find a small problem I can throw money at. Instead of sitting down and planning my fall lessons, or getting the details finished on a workshop, or tackling the pile of books I’ve bought to further my training, I’ve been struggling to get into a groove and subsequently buying a lot of shit I don’t really need to “feel busy.” I’m now sitting at the end of June with a pile of stuff, some serious anxiety about all of that spending, and the same to-do list I started with in May.

When we get trapped in those situations of “not enough,” it’s often an indicator that we’re sucking our own life force (our prana, Qi, etc.) dry and searching for ways to refill it — my answers happen to be workout clothing and an obsessive search for an eco-friendly kitchen sponge that doesn’t suck. All the cool, useful stuff in the world isn’t going to replenish my cup and will actually end up leaving me feeling worse. 

It’s here that Kuan Yin offers a drink of nectar from the lotus — “Kuan Yin guides you to healing now, by asking that you listen to yourself and your needs. What part of you needs more connection? Is it your emotions? Your body or your spirit? What would bring you the most joy and wellbeing?”

I often guide students at the beginning of a yoga class to get honest with themselves about why they’ve chosen to come to their mat in that present moment and how they want to feel when they’re done. In other words, what do they need to receive from the practice. As I say so many, many times: Duh, Jenn. Duh.

This is such a great reminder that we have everything we need to feel replenished, nourished, and whole. We are beings of abundance — all we need to do is live into that space instead of one that feels empty. Yes, that sounds simple, and yes, changing your brain patterns from scarcity to abundance takes work. But, for me, the easiest way to change my thoughts is to shift them out of the way through mindful movement and meditation. Spending some time just focusing on all the ways I can move and breathe and exist, feeling grateful for everything I am able to do and see and give, puts energy back into my whole self.

Here’s your final #TarotTuesday inquiry: Where are you masking feelings with an outside fix? What are you trying to fill in? If you’re stuck in a space of scarcity, what can you give yourself to replenish your life force? What’s your personal “lotus nectar;” what can you offer yourself to feel more full and abundant?

Share your thoughts here or on this week’s #TarotTuesday Instagram post!

And don’t worry — this isn’t the forever end of deck guidance from me. I’m just letting this official project simmer down for a bit while I tend to some other sparks of interest. If you still want to dive into your own intuition, consider reaching out for a personal reading! I’d love to guide you to connect in a deeper and more meaningful, way.