#TarotTuesday: June 04, 2019 -- the Gemini new moon


Suprise! #TarotTuesday lives on! Each week, I’ll pull a card from the Fountain Tarot deck with the intention to understand what messages are important for us to acknowledge in our lives right now. I’ll encourage you to reflect on how the card connects with you — feel free to share your thoughts on my Instagram, where I’ll also post the card and my interpretation. For more background info on Tarot and how I read cards, check out this previous post: a bit about Tarot.

June 4th: A Gemini new moon spread


Yesterday was the new moon of Gemini, which holds a special place in this astrological twin’s heart. New moons are a time of releasing the past and setting an intention to manifest during the time until the next full moon. It’s a transition period, bathed in potential and possibility.

To honor this time, I chose a 2-card spread this week, asking these questions of the Universe: 

  1. What do we need to release?

  2. What will help us with our intention?

The first card, representing what we can choose to let go of, is Judgment. We’ve already received the Judgment card earlier on April 16 (2 days before the Aries full moon), and you can head back to that post for a detailed explanation. But I think the messaging is pretty clear: It’s time to release our judgments and expectations so that we can move forward into this time of growth and renewal with clarity and lightness. Think about a perception of yourself that you’re really holding on to tightly — anytime you notice yourself saying “I always...” or “I’m just the kind of person who...” or especially when you use the word “should” for indicators of what might be holding you back.

As for setting an intention for this next lunar cycle, we look to the Eight of Coins for inspiration and assistance. The Eight of Coins is particularly focused on creating projects with our head, heart, and hands — acting materially on what we know to be true and what we deeply desire. The Eight of Coins is also sometimes called the “craftsman,” which indicates that we can manifest our purest intentions when we are committed to the quality of the details and truly drop into the work that we feel called to do.

This week’s charge is a different kind of inquiry. I’m going to suggest a ritual to help you connect during this powerful time.

Tonight, before you head to bed, sit in a quiet space with a candle and a journal or piece of paper and a pen. Light the candle (in a way that won’t cause you stress). Come into a seat with a lengthened, comfortable spine; close your eyes; and take a few deep breaths, spreading your rib cage wide as you breathe in and drawing it back together as you breathe out. Focus on how you body feels as you breathe, both physically and emotionally. Shift your focus toward an attachment that you’d like to release. With each exhale, imagine it drawing out of your body and drifting away as particles of air into the ether. After a few breaths, and when you feel ready, open your eyes and blow out the candle, releasing that energy and attachment. Close your eyes again; refocus on your inhales and exhales; and connect to a place right in the center of your chest. Feel something you deeply desire and how it feels when you receive it. Imagine how to it feels to know and trust fully that it is in your grasp. Feel yourself working toward that intention with competency, joy, and I’ve. Breathe into the emotions, allowing them to wash through you. When you feel complete, open your eyes, relight the candle, and write down your intention for this cycle. Take one last deep breath, and perhaps let the candle burn for a few minute, holding space for what you hope to manifest. 

If you feel called to share your intention, my #TarotTuesday Instagram post is always a great place to connect with others — and me! And if you’re interested in manifesting in a more personal way, get in touch. We can work together to bring forth your truest intentions and dreams in a meaningful, embodied way.

Happy Gemini season, friends! May you feel balanced, creative, connected, and energized throughout this month.