#TarotTuesday: May 14, 2019


Suprise! #TarotTuesday lives on! Each week, I’ll pull a card from the Fountain Tarot deck with the intention to understand what messages are important for us to acknowledge in our lives right now. I’ll encourage you to reflect on how the card connects with you — feel free to share your thoughts on my Instagram, where I’ll also post the card and my interpretation. For more background info on Tarot and how I read cards, check out this previous post: a bit about Tarot.

May 14th: The Page of Coins


This week’s card is all about manifesting dreams and turning visions into reality. Coin cards, also known as Pentacles or Disks, depending on the deck, have us dealing with the material world — the Earth element, our physical self, our possessions, and often times our work or professional life. They’re practical and help us relate to, create, shape, and transform our physical world.

Whenever we get a Page, it’s a sign that something new is beginning. Pages are the first of the “Court cards,” and they often represent an immaturity or impulsiveness — but that’s not quite the case with the Page of Coins. She’s rooted in reason and physical consciousness, so her excitement and energy are a little more stable.

Basically, we’re dealing in some very practical magic. We’re starting to take concrete steps to make our material wishes come true. Our intentions and goals around our physical health, careers, creative projects, or financial situation can be big and lofty, but the work is feasible and realistic. The Page is giving us a little enthusiastic — but measured — nudge forward. Take the optimism and energy and put it into action.

When I work with clients, one of my most useful tools is something my coaching instructor/mentor always asked: What is the smallest step you could take to move forward? She wanted it to be so tiny, so laughable, to be the thing that I’d normally blow right past and skip over, wanting to run down the road instead of walk deliberately. Last spring, I decided I wanted to be more intentional and start a daily journaling habit, and I found myself stuck on landing on a prompt. I felt like if I just asked myself the right questions everyday, the meaningfulness of that reflection would make it stick. I often got into bed and forgot all about the journal, but it wasn’t for a lack of thoughtful questions — it was because my journal was downstairs and out of sight. The smallest step was NOT to devise a perfect series of inquiries so captivating and relevant that I’d be drawn to answer. No, it was simply to move my journal upstairs, onto my nightstand where I would physically see it. Then, yes, I’d still have to decide what I wanted to write. But the bigger hurdle of getting the habit into my brain was covered. I’d been so caught up in making the whole thing perfect that I’d forgotten the most crucial piece of creating my nightly routine: accessibility and ease. 

Your turn! What’s a goal you’ve been stuck on implementing for a while? Where are you looking at the whole picture and feeling lost? What’s the smallest, seemingly silliest — but actually most practical — step you could take to set yourself on the successful path?

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