#TarotTuesday: May 28, 2019


Suprise! #TarotTuesday lives on! Each week, I’ll pull a card from the Fountain Tarot deck with the intention to understand what messages are important for us to acknowledge in our lives right now. I’ll encourage you to reflect on how the card connects with you — feel free to share your thoughts on my Instagram, where I’ll also post the card and my interpretation. For more background info on Tarot and how I read cards, check out this previous post: a bit about Tarot.

May 28th: The Ten of Swords


This card reminds me a bit of the Game of Thrones finale, no? A little stabby?

Good news: There are no dragons. Bad news: You are being asked to confront something this week, to look it in the eyes and say goodbye. The Ten of Swords represents a final release, the letting go of a long-held belief, relationship, dream… whatever you’re holding on to that is no longer serving you.

So, I guess the GOT finale is kind of fitting. Don’t get me started on Bran.

Similar to The Tower, which is how we started this #TarotTuesday journey together, the Ten of Swords is about recognizing where your attachments and conflicts are holding you back and keeping you from moving forward. You might choose to release them, or you might be given no other choice — this card can often bring with it a sudden change due to an outside force.

We all carry burdens, the heavy ideas that hold us down. And the letting go isn’t always easy. I read today that depression is like being underneath of a crumbling house — you can’t get out because then you’d have to deal with the rubble. That’s what this card is asking of us this week. What houses, buildings, entire cities are we trapped under? When we know that getting out will be hard and painful, it can feel easier to just stay stuck. But there’s light on the other side. Once we’ve pushed our way out of the destruction, it’s no longer ours to hold. We release it, and it releases us, creating space for something new and beautiful.

There are so many instances of this in nature — how fires are necessary to strengthen roots and sustain the forests; how after a night of terrifying storms, the next morning always brings sun; how every winter in the northern climates, we fight through cold and snow and destruction, only to have a bright and colorful spring. We endure to reach the beauty on the other side.

In this card, there is an element of endurance, yes, but there’s also an element of surrender. I was in the ocean this past week, getting pummeled by waves. Each time one came, I had a choice — try to stand and fight and get knocked over, or dive headfirst into the crashing water, hold my breath, and swim through to the other side. They were both exhausting choices. After only a few minutes, I was out of breath with tired limbs. But trying to stand my ground on shifting sand as a rush of ocean surged into me was far more difficult than choosing to move through it. Thankfully, I didn’t have to contend with any riptides, but I’ve been caught in one before. Instead of working against the current and trying to swim to shore, you’re advised to swim parallel to the beach, with the tide, until you get to the end. It’s hard swimming — surrendering to the waves or the current isn’t giving up; it’s fighting to stay alive and get to the other side. The more you panic and lash out, the harder it is. But man, it’s hard to find peace amidst the swell.

That’s what the Ten of Swords asks us to do — to stay in the current, the fire, the discomfort or pain. Release the struggle and surrender with grace to the effort it takes to get to the other side.

Even if you’re not hanging out in the ocean this week, where are you digging in your heels and fighting the current? Where might easing off of the struggle and releasing into the effort with awareness and presence serve you? What beautiful new growth is waiting for you on the other side?

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